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Apple delivers iOS 6

Apple's latest mobile operating system is being pushed out to devices. The company claims the software adds over 200 new features.

As expected, Apple today began pushing out iOS 6 to iPods, iPhones and iPads.

The update began going out to users this morning. Users can get it by plugging their device in and launching Apple's iTunes software, or -- if they're running iOS 5 -- over the air from within the settings menu.

The update is more than 600MB for iPhone 4S users.
The update is more than 600MB for iPhone 4S users. CNET

According to Apple, the update adds "over 200 new features," to iOS 5, which was released last October. Chief among them is an entirely new maps application that uses Apple's own data, changes to Siri that add more information about movies, restaurants, and sports scores, as well as deep integration with Facebook.

Somewhat controversially, the update also removes features -- like the built-in YouTube application. Users can get a new version from Google in the App Store, which the company released last week. The big change in the maps app also eschews Google's map data and features like Street View, something that could arrive in another Google-made app in the coming months.

For more on these changes, and others you can read CNET's review of the software right here.

As with previous major releases, the update only goes out to newer iOS devices. That official list includes:

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S

iPod Touch (4th generation)
iPod Touch (5th generation)

iPad 2
iPad (3rd generation)

It's worth noting that among that list, the iPhone 3GS has been discontinued. Apple has replaced it in its lineup with the iPhone 4, which is free with a two-year contract.

Developers have had preview versions of the software since it debuted in June. Apple doled out a golden master version of the software last Wednesday, when the iPhone 5 was announced. The software comes pre-loaded on that device, which hits stores this Friday.

The update screen on an iPad 2, where the update is 548MB.
The update screen on an iPad 2, where the update is 548MB. Jason Parker/CNET