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Apple could drop iPhone 3GS next week, says report

With the debut of the iPhone 5, Apple is likely to discontinue the 3GS and offer the 8GB iPhone 4 for free, according to The Telegraph.

The days may be numbered for the iPhone 3GS.
The days may be numbered for the iPhone 3GS.
Corinne Schulze/CNET

The introduction of the iPhone 5 is expected to shake up the overall iPhone lineup.

Apple will hold a launch event on Wednesday, September 12, at which it will probably unveil the next-generation iPhone. Several reports say that the iPhone 5 will go on sale the following Friday, September 21.

The new model means that Apple could curtail the aging iPhone 3GS, leaving the 8GB version of the iPhone 4 as the entry-level edition, says the Telegraph. If so, that model iPhone 4 would probably be offered for free by Apple and other vendors when paired with the usual $30-per-month contract.

Sources close to retailers also told The Telegraph that Apple may even launch an 8GB version of the iPhone 4S.

Three versions of the iPhone 5 will be offered with different storage options, according to the publication, probably sticking with the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variations available with the iPhone 4S.

If true, this tidbit from the Register isn't a huge surprise since Apple typically carries three generations of the iPhone at a time, with the earliest model usually going for free.

The 8GB iPhone 4 is currently selling for $99, while the iPhone 3GS is available free with the usual contract.

And an 8GB iPhone 4S could easily serve as another alternative to budget-conscious consumers.

(Via MacRumors)