Apple, Burberry show off iPhone 5S photo, video technology

Want to see how well the iPhone 5S' camera works in the wild, at a fashion show? New photos shot on the device have cropped up, including ones run through Instagram.

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Josh Lowensohn
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The iPhone 5S being used ahead of its launch.
The iPhone 5S being used ahead of its launch. Burberry

Last week Apple made big claims about the photo capabilities of its new flagship phone, the iPhone 5S, and Monday was one of the first chances to see it in action outside of the company's press event.

Fashion brand Burberry used the phone -- which goes on sale this Friday -- to capture stills, videos, and celebrity snapshots at its Spring/Summer fashion show, which took place earlier today in London.

The results can now be seen on Burberry's site, including the video stream of the show, which we're told was shot entirely on the 5S' native video app, along with FiLMiC Pro and TurtleHead Pro.

One thing that detracts from the new tech is a series of images ahead of the show that were shot on the 5S, though adjusted with gel filters. That is, perhaps, not so terrible an offense now that iOS 7 includes built-in software image filters, but something worth noting in light of how the technology was touted ahead of the show. An example:

There's also a Vine of one of the creations getting sketched out, which was shot on the 5S:

The hookup between the tech and fashion companies is just the latest in recent months. Earlier this year, Google Glass -- the wearable computer -- was tapped by designer Diane Von Furstenberg to document behind-the-scenes action. More recently, Samsung partnered with designer Dana Lorenz to create jewelry to go with its new Gear watch gadget. In both cases, that technology was wearable, whereas the iPhone 5S spent its time in the stands.

The 5S goes on sale this Friday, and is Apple's top-of-the-line iPhone. It's joined by the 5C, which went up for preorder at the end of last week. Both replace last year's iPhone 5. You can read more about what's new (or not) in both, right here.