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Apple brings animoji karaoke to pre-WWDC hype

The bear, dragon and chicken are getting excited.

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Sean Keane

Apple users are ready for additional animoji.

YouTube/Screenshot by CNET

Apple has added an animoji karaoke video to its main YouTube channel as it gears up for Monday's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Animoji: Taxi Driver sees the bear taking the leading vocalist role, backed by the dragon and chicken, for Citizen Kane by Korean group Hyukoh.

This ad was uploaded to Apple's Korean YouTube channel on May 21, but only added to the main channel on Sunday.

Additional animoji -- animated emoji -- are expected to be among the new features highlighted on iOS 12, which will almost certainly be teased at WWDC . The bear and dragon were added with iOS 11.3 in March.

Animoji arrived with the iPhone X and its front-facing True Depth camera, which is used for facial recognition. Users' expressions are transferred to the digital world using thousands of data points.

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