Apple adds Passbook-enabled gift cards to its store app

People who receive a digital Apple store gift card via e-mail can add it to their Passbook app and use it at their local Apple retail store.

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Lance Whitney
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Apple gift cards now support Passbook.
Apple gift cards now support Passbook. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple is finally tapping into its own Passbook app by adding it as an option for store gift cards.

You can send someone a gift card either through the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad, or the Apple Store gift card Web page. In the Apple Store app, you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the home page and tap on the section for Apple Gift Cards and then choose the option to send an Apple Store Card by E-mail.

Either from the app or from the Web page, you can choose among blue, silver, or pink for the card color and any amount from $25 to $2000. You then type your name and e-mail address and those of the recipient. You can also compose a headline and message to appear on the gift card notice. Add your card to the cart.

After the order is processed, your recipient should receive an e-mail within 24 hours. The person can print the e-mail to use it at a store, shop online with it, or add it to Passbook via an "Add to Passbook button."

The gift card holder can also enter a ZIP code or current location to the Passbook pass. Using iOS's location feature, Passbook can then pop up and display the gift card when the person walks into an Apple store.

Apple now officially joins the likes of Starbucks and other retailers that offer store cards that tie into Passbook. Beyond paying for items, Passbook users can save coupons, tickets, and other items directly in the app.

(Via AppleInsider)