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Apple: 365 million iOS devices sold; 80 percent running iOS 5

The company says that it now sees 7 billion push notifications sent out from iOS every day, for a total of 1.5 trillion notifications since its launch.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Twitter is benefiting greatly from iOS.
Twitter is benefiting greatly from iOS. James Martin/CNET

Curious how popular Apple's iOS platform and devices are? Look no further than the stats the company announced at Worldwide Developers Conference today.

According to Apple senior vice president for iOS Scott Forstall, the company has sold 365 million iOS-based devices through March 30. A whopping 80 percent of those devices are now running Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 5.

Speaking of iOS 5, Forstall offered up a host of staggering stats related to its built-in applications. For example, he says that iOS 5 users are receiving 7 billion push notifications each day, for a total of 1.5 trillion push notifications since the feature launched.

Not to be outdone, Apple's iMessage now has 140 million users, and 1 billion messages are sent each day. In total, 150 billion messages have been sent.

Twitter has also benefited greatly from iOS integration, seeing its share of iOS users soar three-times in the past year. According to Apple, 10 billion tweets have been sent from iOS 5, and 47 percent of those have been photos.

One other important stat from Apple: 75 percent of its customers report being "very satisfied" with iOS.

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