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Android results now gone from Apple-owned Chomp

The cross-platform search engine for apps, which Apple bought in February, has stopped serving up results for apps from rival Google.

App search tool Chomp, which was quietly purchased by Apple in late February, has since stopped serving results for Google's Android platform.

The change was spotted by GigaOm this morning, and goes back as far as last week, according to a cached version of the page.

No word yet on what this means for Verizon, which uses Chomp's technology to deliver results in its own mobile application store. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the change.

Chomp launched in early 2010 as an alternate search tool for sifting through Apple's App Store, branching out to Google's Android platform the following year. Its technology provides results based on an app's function, instead of its name.

Apple confirmed its acquisition of the company but hasn't said what it intends to do with the technology. The search tools are expected to be built into Apple's App Store.