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American abandons Expedia for big-bucks flights

Major carrier stops selling international, business and first-class tickets via the travel site and its affiliates.

American Airlines has ceased selling international or domestic business and first-class tickets via Expedia, the major carrier announced Friday. The change, effective immediately, also applies to ticket-selling services on other Web sites powered by Expedia. American domestic economy tickets will still be available via Expedia and its affiliate sites. The airline also announced that it will still honor tickets already purchased via Expedia.

The full range of American Airlines tickets will be available through the airline's own reservations systems, including the one on, as well as through travel agents and other travel sites. The company did not give a specific reason for dropping Expedia for sales of its higher-price tickets. The change follows Donald Carty's 2003 departure from the chief executive post at AMR, American Airlines' parent company. On January 2 of this year, Carty became Dell's vice chairman and chief financial officer.