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Amazon's German workers may strike yet again

German labor union Verdi tells workers to go on strike after Amazon decides against wage-agreement talks.


Amazon is again dealing with the possibility of workers striking in Germany.

German labor union Verdi announced Thursday that it has called on Amazon's workers at facilities in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld to walk off their jobs, arguing that until the e-retail giant negotiates new wage agreements, they shouldn't work.

Amazon has been facing a constant barrage of complaints from Verdi and some workers at its distribution centers in Germany. The workers and Verdi argue that Amazon is paying them too little for their work, based on local regulations. Amazon, meanwhile, says that their pay is actually above-average for their job duties.

The crux of the issue is whether the workers are operating in logistics or retail capacities. Verdi argues that the workers are retail workers and deserve to be paid based on standards in that industry. Amazon, meanwhile, says that they're logistics workers, taking orders from the Web, finding products, boxing them, and sending them out.

German workers have gone on strike twice over the last several months, but Amazon has yet to budge on its stance. Verdi said that another strike should kick off on Thursday because Amazon won't come to the table to discuss wage agreements.

CNET has contacted Amazon for comment. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via The Guardian)