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Amazon Web Services apologizes for outage

In its recap of last week's service interruption, Amazon offers a wealth of details on what happened and promises better communication with customers when future troubles arise.

Larry Dignan

Amazon Web Services today provided a detailed post-mortem on its outage that stretched on for more than a day last week. While the apology and recap of events are notable, the biggest takeaway is that Amazon promises to have better communications.

"In addition to the technical insights and improvements that will result from this event, we also identified improvements that need to be made in our customer communications," the AWS team said in its statement. "We would like our communications to be more frequent and contain more information. We understand that during an outage, customers want to know as many details as possible about what's going on, how long it will take to fix, and what we are doing so that it doesn't happen again."

As for the post-mortem, AWS has provided a lot of detail. The cascading effects of the network outage are worth the read.

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