Amazon spent more on R&D than any other US company last year

Alphabet, Intel, Microsoft and Apple round out the top five.

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Shara Tibken

Amazon last year spent more on R&D than everyone else in the US. 

Shara Tibken/CNET

Amazon spent more on research and development last year than any other company in the US. 

The Seattle company spent $22.6 billion on R&D last year, according to Factset data earlier reported by Recode. The tally includes technology and content spending. 

Amazon, best known for its online store, has expanded into physical stores like its cashierless Amazon Go store and its book stores. It also sells a popular line of smart speakers powered by its Alexa digital assistant and creates original content for its Prime Video service. 

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Google parent Alphabet follows Amazon at No. 2, with $16.6 billion in R&D spending. The rest of the top five are Intel with $13.1 billion, Microsoft with $12.3 billion and Apple with $11.6 billion. 

Amazon and Factset didn't immediately respond to requests for more information. 

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