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Amazon Go: The cashierless store is coming to New York

The retail giant's grab-and-go idea is heading to the Big Apple.

Shoppers scan the Amazon Go app as they enter a store in Seattle.
Shoppers scan the Amazon Go app as they enter a store in Seattle.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Amazon Go is coming to New York.

On Friday, the e-commerce giant confirmed it's planning to open a branch of its cashierless store, Amazon Go, in New York.

It's unclear when the new store will open, but Amazon has started hiring staff, The Information reported earlier.

The expansion comes after two Amazon Go stores opened in Seattle. The first one debuted in January 2018 and the second opened last month.

The concept is essentially to have a convenience store or small market where you don't need to stand in line to pay. To enter the store, you scan the Amazon Go app on your iPhone or Android device. Then you simply grab whatever items you want; in-store cameras track your choices, and the tech giant charges your Amazon account when you walk out.

Amazon confirmed in May that it'll open Amazon Go stores in San Francisco and Chicago, but it didn't say when.

The company isn't alone in experimenting with grab-and-go retail. Microsoft is working on a similar checkout-free retail technology, Reuters reported in June.

Correction, 3:20 p.m.: The first Amazon Go store opened in January 2018.