Altec Lansing goes small with inMotion Compact

The Altec Lansing imT320 is an inexpensive portable speaker system made for the Apple iPod and iPhone.

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Photo of the Altec Lansing Compact imT320.
The Altec Lansing Compact imT320. Altec Lansing

LAS VEGAS--Having just released its portable inMotion Classic and inMotion Mix speaker systems just a few months ago, we thought Altec Lansing would have taken a break from its pursuit of the perfect portable iPod and iPhone speaker. Instead, it has just whittled things down for a new speaker dock called the inMotion Compact, due out in February with a retail price of $79.

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The new speaker shares a resemblance to the Classic's backward-slanting design, but cuts the fat by excluding a remote control and FM radio and shrinking the speakers down from 3 inches to 2. For those who dig the portability and design, but lack an iPod or an iPhone, a 3.5mm line-input is offered.

True to its name, the inMotion Compact measures 4 inches tall by 9.6 inches wide by 1.8 inch thick, making it extremely portable. The design includes an integrated wrap-around cover that doubles as a kickstand. For power, you can run the speaker off four AA batteries or connect to the included AC adapter.

Throw in the fact that the Compact is certified to work with the iPhone 3GS, and you have one of the smallest, least expensive, iPhone-compatible portable speaker docks on the market. Knowing Altec Lansing, the thing probably doesn't sound too shabby, either.