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All of Apple's patent claims against Samsung in one chart

With three feature patents, four design patents, and 20 different devices Apple says Samsung is infringing, this case is a little bit complicated. Here's a chart that explains everything.

Click to enlarge. Hit escape on your keyboard if it's too giant.

SAN JOSE, Calif.-- Even with the number of devices whittled down just a hair, Apple still says more than a dozen of Samsung's smartphones and two of its tablets are infringing on its patents.

That's easy enough to understand, until you get into just how many patents we're talking about, and which ones apply to which device.

To help make sense of it, Apple has included a rather large chart -- OK, it's safe to call it gigantic -- that spells out which device the iPhone and iPad maker believes Samsung is infringing on, and for each patent.

The chart was included in conjunction with damages Apple wants Samsung to pay to the tune of $2.5 billion. That sum was explained in court today by Terry Musika, who Apple hired to analyze when the allegedly infringing devices were released and determine how much money those devices might have brought into Apple from missed sales, and perhaps patent royalties.

Shortly after this was introduced into evidence, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh dropped three of these phones -- the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S (i9000), and Galaxy S (i9100) -- from the responsibility of Samsung Telecommunications America and Samsung Electronics America, which are two of the three Samsung companies involved in this case. The phones remain in play for Samsung Electronics Co., which is based in Korea.

The case picks back up tomorrow and is expected to run through next week.

Note: If you're having problems seeing the chart in the lightbox viewer, you can open up this link in a new window or tab.

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