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A smoother blend for Java

IBM and BEA collaborate on ways to ease technical differences in their Java lines. Also, software providers work on interoperability among competing development tools.

IBM and BEA, usually staunch rivals, are collaborating on ways to ease technical differences in their Java lines. Also, software providers mull an effort to improve interoperability among competing development tools.

The two companies, which together hold significant sway over the market for Java application servers, are collaborating on a way to build common components within their products.
November 25, 2003

A number of Java tools providers, including Sun and BEA, are talking about creating a common way to share plug-ins.
November 24, 2003

The move comes after rival Sun and China Standard Software establish Sun's Java Desktop System as the foundation for desktop development and deployment in the country.
November 21, 2003

The company releases an early version of a toolkit to speed up the process of building standards-based portal applications, or portlets.
November 19, 2003

Software consortium Eclipse says Big Blue's contribution will form the basis of its Visual Editor Project. But Java steward Sun is not yet ready to join the effort.
November 18, 2003

With changes to a licensing program, Sun paves the way for open-source Java application server projects JBoss and Apache to comply with the J2EE standard.
November 18, 2003

In an effort to offer the same guarantees as do commercial software companies, the Java server software company plans to indemnify its customers from legal liability associated with its software.
November 17, 2003

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Developers and corporate customers eager for the open-source response to Microsoft's .Net line of programming tools will need to wait a little longer.
November 18, 2003