A closer look at the LG Watch Phone

Here are several photos of the LG Watch Phone showing off the touch-screen interface, music player, and menu screen.

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Quite possibly one of the biggest buzzes at CES so far has been about the LG Watch Phone, which we reported on yesterday morning. It's no wonder; it fulfills every geek's fantasy while still satisfying the cool quotient with its sleek styling and touch-screen interface.

We had a sit-down with LG earlier today at its booth in the Central Hall, and got up close and personal with the phone. LG wouldn't let us touch it, but we did get a good look at how the transitions work between each tap of the finger. It looks quite intuitive, and the tempered glass on the surface apparently works as a capacitive touch screen, making it as easy to use as the one on the iPhone. We were surprised at how easy it seemed to dial numbers on the tiny dial pad, even though the screen only measures 1.43 inches diagonally. According to LG, texting will be done in a similar manner with a virtual T9 keypad.

We also had a brief look at the music player, and it seems pretty easy to use, too. The sound coming from the speakers on the watch is surprisingly loud, though we still would suggest using a Bluetooth headset of some kind (Taking calls on the speakerphone seems just short of dweeby). The watch phone supports stereo Bluetooth, so you can use that to listen to tunes. When asked how much storage was in the phone, we heard it was somewhere around 70MB, but that could change by the time the device launches. The charging pins are on the underside of the watch, which can then be connected to a charging connector. The strap can also be adjusted quite easily. On the right side of the watch are three buttons: the Talk, Clear, and End buttons, respectively.

And if that wasn't cool enough for you, the LG Watch Phone even has a camera. Yes, on the upper right corner of the phone is a tiny little camera that apparently will be used for video conferencing. No word on whether it's a megapixel camera or not, but even if it's VGA, we think that's incredibly James Bond.

The LG Watch Phone will be available in Europe later this year, but pricing is not yet known, and the company has no plans to bring it to the U.S. just yet. It'll be available in a range of colors, from black and silver to blue, red, and even pink. It'll have quad-band GSM and 3G/HSDPA. Check out the LG Watch Phone slide show for a closer look at it.