9 great reads from CNET this week

We worry about technology's invasion-of-privacy problem, chat with a bearded Australian astronaut and consider the hype over the Avengers trailer.

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Another week has blown straight by. Microsoft and Brave said they'd move closer to Google's Chrome browser software. Sen. Mark Warner called for a US cyber doctrine. And Google contractors called on CEO Sundar Pichai to treat them better.

If you missed anything, here's your chance to catch up.

2018 made us even more paranoid about technology's prying eyes

Just because you're paranoid...

CCTV watching a young man in his bedroom
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The astronaut who refused to shave his beard is searching for Atlantis

Even NASA couldn't get Paul Scully-Power to hoist a razor.


The hype over the Avengers trailer had you just where Marvel wanted

The entertainment industry knows how to market its wares.

Marvel Studios

What to do when hackers steal your passport number

More than 325 million were pinched from Marriott.

A passport
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You won't be able to escape 5G Android phones at the holidays next year

Chip giant Qualcomm says the superfast gadgets will be everywhere.

Angela Lang/CNET

We take a ride in Waymo One as Google's self-driving car service goes 'live'

Look, ma, no hands.


Gardening in augmented reality

Magic Leap's Seedling lets you live with virtual plants in the real world.

Magic Leap

The movie about Pakistani burlesque you may never get to see

Filmmaker Anam Abbas set out to shine a light on a hidden world.

Anam Abbas/Chicago Media Project

The Apple Watch detected something strange about my heart rhythm

New features could warn users with life-threatening conditions.

James Martin/CNET