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9 great reads from CNET this week

Just how much wealth has been created by Uber's IPO? We also learn more about Jeff Bezos' plans to send us all into space and why Facebook is trying to get a six-legged robot to teach itself to walk.

A judge ruled Qualcomm is a monopoly. The Justice Department charged Julian Assange with violating the Espionage Act. And Apple redesigned its MacBook keyboard in response to complaints about sticky keys.

That's just scratching the surface on the big tech news from this week. Here are the stories you don't want to miss. 

Samsung deepfake AI could fabricate a video clip of you from a single photo

Even the Mona Lisa can be faked.

Egor Zakharov

Uber's IPO millionaires could buy every home for sale in the Bay Area

And they'd still have half a billion dollars left over for avocado toast.

Uninhabitable Shack For Sale For 2.5 Million In San Francisco
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why Facebook wants this creepy-crawly robot to teach itself to walk

It's all about AI.

James Martin/CNET

Game of Thrones finale was so disappointing I actually miss the books

I loved how the show distilled the novels. But I will stomach George R.R. Martin's bloated, rapey prose again if it can help me understand Daenerys.


Huawei could survive without Android, but not very well

China may not need Google, but Huawei does.

Angela Lang/CNET

Star Trek: Picard trailer -- possible reasons Captain Picard left Starfleet

The trailer for the new Picard show poses an intriguing question. What would prompt The Next Generation's captain to abandon his crew?

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Jeff Bezos' space colony plans are straight out of 1970s science fiction

The Blue Origin billionaire wants to send us all into space. Humans have been dreaming about that for a long time.

Blue Origin

Aladdin review: Guy Ritchie's Disney remake dazzles and surprises

This live-action update isn't quite a whole new world, but it's still one worth visiting despite its forgettable villain and unsettling Genie CGI.


Instagram website leaked phone numbers and emails for months, researcher says

The flaw made the information easy to scrape and turn into a database.

Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET