9 great reads from CNET this week

How a determined bride and groom get married despite cancer and COVID-19, why next-gen video games could be bad news for the environment, and what it's like for coronavirus patients to lose their smell.

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For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites.

Another week in lockdown, another grim coronavirus milestone: On Friday, the number of people who've died from COVID-19 around the world reached 100,000.

Big tech continues to help fight the pandemic, the latest example being Apple and Google building coronavirus tracking tech into their smartphone operating systems. The two companies, along with others, are also helping to make and distribute protective health gear and ventilators.

But as Americans and others sheltering in place have become increasingly reliant on technology to work and survive, it's also come with some new security and privacy headaches. Take "Zoombombing" for example.

Here're the week's stories you don't want to miss: 

Coronavirus, terminal cancer and a Zoom wedding: 'We can't put off joy'

Family and friends will dial in from around the world as the bride and groom go ahead with their nuptials -- cancer and COVID-19 be damned.

Jenessa Schwartz

Xbox, PS5 and the climate crisis: Next-gen video games could be worse for the planet

With new consoles, cloud gaming and VR just over the horizon, video games may have a greater impact on the environment than ever before.

Robert Rodriguez/CNET

The Star Wars actor inside C-3PO almost didn't audition for the 'low-budget' film

Anthony Daniels talks about the DVD release of The Rise of Skywalker and about his new book, where he shares stories about his adventures playing the iconic golden robot.


Coronavirus patients are losing their sense of smell. Here's what that's like

Mounting evidence links COVID-19 to olfactory loss, bringing attention to anosmia, a condition that can impact everything from taste to memories to intimate relationships.

Ben Birchall/Getty Images

Why Tiger King is little more than a heartbreakingly tragic tale

Commentary: The Netflix series is a major hit, but its cheap thrills may leave you with an emotional hangover.

AlexTurton/Getty Images

Location data brokers say they can help contain COVID-19. Here's why that's a problem

Phone location data collected by advertisers doesn't show the whole picture and is vulnerable to mass fraud, researchers warn.

Angela Lang/CNET

Lyft pulls bait-and-switch on promised coronavirus sick pay, drivers say

Without a clear paid leave policy, some drivers may still be on the road despite getting infected.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Coronavirus and pets: How COVID-19 affects cats and dogs

The coronavirus originated in animals but is it a danger to pets? Here's everything we know about COVID-19 and companion animals.

Getty Images

What it's like to have the coronavirus, according to people who've recovered

No two cases of COVID-19 are the same.

Getty Images