9 great reads from CNET this week

We learn about those ASMR videos that make people feel all tingly, get tips on dog-proofing the car and talk about how Apple's big services push is all about the iPhone.

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This week, Lyft debuted on Wall Street, the European Union approved a controversial online copyright law and CNET continued our special coverage of facial recognition technology. But let's be real, the news this week was dominated by Apple, which unveiled a new TV streaming service and more during a star-studded event on Monday.

Here're the stories you don't want to miss. (And yes, Apple features prominently in the list below. There was really no way around it.)

Apple's big service push has iPhone written all over it

Sure, Apple is into services now. But from Apple Card to TV Plus, everything is still tailored for its own phone.

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Tingle all the way: ASMR videos chill you out one soap curl at a time

ASMR videos are emerging from their corner of the internet as more people realize listening to them feels kinda good. Tingly, in fact.


Why facial recognition's racial bias problem is so hard to crack

Good luck if you're a woman or a darker-skinned person.

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If you get Apple Card, you may never be able to leave the iPhone

A credit card that works on the iPhone alone will only make you more dependent on your iPhone.

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Jeff Bezos wants to take his fellow billionaires to space with Blue Origin

Here's what you need to know about the billionaire's space plans, from ultra-expensive space flights to the exclusive conference for dragonfly robots.

Blue Origin

Apple Arcade wants to become the Xbox and PlayStation of mobile gaming

Apple has come up with a new way to play video games on our phones. But at what price?

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Huawei P30 Pro camera tops Galaxy S10 Plus pictures in two ways

Which phone takes the better pictures? We headed to the streets of Paris to find out.

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Facebook doesn't waste time, it wastes attention spans. That's worse

Commentary: When I was growing up, my parents told me watching TV would ruin my attention span. Now I can't even concentrate on TV long enough for it to do that.

Popular Mobile Device Applications
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Dog-proofing your car: How to keep your pups safe and secure

Are the fur and claws and slobber doing a number on your interior? Here're a few tips and products for keeping your car clean and your pups safe.

dog car accessories
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