9 great reads from CNET this week

We learn about Fukushima's nuclear disaster robots, see how Marvel's Danai Gurira is a real-life action hero and find out how USB-4 will help your gadgets get along.

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Been busy this week trying to figure out how Facebook's new privacy-focused plans will change your social media habits? Or maybe you've been following the Apple-Qualcomm trial, or deciding whether to buy a Galaxy S10 phone, which went on sale Friday.

No problem. Here are a few of the week's best stories, in case you missed them.

For Fukushima's nuclear disaster, robots may be the only hope

The 2011 meltdown in Japan is still too hot for humans to handle. Send in the machines.

James Martin/CNET

Early adopters, beware: 5G is still kind of a mess

Android handset makers are rushing to launch 5G phones. Here's why you might want to wait until next year before you buy one.

Mobile World Congress 2019 Brands
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Captain Marvel review: A soaring tale of self-discovery with a '90s riff

The first female-led Marvel movie subverts superhero cliches in the best possible way.

Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

How CRISPR could save 6 billion chickens from the meat grinder

Each year billions of day-old male chicks are killed in industrial grinders. CRISPR could change that.


Your landlord turns your apartment into a smart home. Now what?

Locked out on the first day. New privacy worries. It's the upgrade many tenants didn't ask for.

Surveillance cameras watching family in binary code home
Patric Sandri

Muslims are owning modest fashion, thanks to social media

Influencers have taken modest fashion from niche to mainstream. And they've made me feel less isolated in the process.

Angela Lang/CNET

Marvel's Danai Gurira is a real-life action hero

She plays kick-ass General Okoye in Black Panther and a fierce survivor in The Walking Dead. IRL, she's working to improve the lives of women.

Danai Gurira
Mark Mann

USB 4 will be more powerful and less confusing

The all-purpose connector will help your computer, phone and gadgets get along better.

Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro has double-duty USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports.
Stephen Shankland/CNET

If your flight's on time, thank your ground crew

Preparing a commercial jumbo jet for its next trip isn't easy. Especially when you've got only 90 minutes to do it.

Josh Miller/CNET