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Last week's sterling debuts of Extensity (Nasdaq: EXTN), Neoforma (Nasdaq: NEOF) and 724 Solutions (Nasdaq: SVNX) indicate IPO fever remains as strong as ever.

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Even on a down day for the market like last Friday, demand for new issues remained healthy. Will the appetite for initial public offerings stay strong? You can't count on it for sure, so if you want to go public, you've got to get going NOW. Let us help you.

You need a compelling IPO prospectus to generate maximum interest. Everyone starts with the standard IPO foundation, but that only includes very general items, like generic Risk Factors (see our earlier installment on Risks that shouldn't be left out) and other boilerplate statements.

Our special format adds choices that help you frame your business as the best stock available. We've (combined, stolen, imitated, plagiarized) elements from recent IPO filings to point you in the right direction, so you can shape your company as a cutting edge investment.

With that in mind, offered here, free of charge, is the Company Description portion of our Hot IPO Template:

"We (are a leading global provider, intend to become the leading global provider) of (wireless, broadband, Internet infrastructure, business-to-business commerce; don't do content, that's passe) solutions for companies in the (your favorite industry; niche targeters are in, generalists are out) market. Our (product, services or both) lets businesses tap into this rapidly growing market quickly, and at the lowest cost available.

"The emergence of the Internet is having a significant effect on (favorite industry). According to (Forrester Research, International Data Corp., Gartner Group/Dataquest, Jupiter Communications), the (favorite industry) market online is projected to reach (11-figure dollar amount) by 2003. Demand for business-to-business commerce transactions in the space is expected to accelerate over the next five years.

"As a group, online users represent an (affluent, wealthy, knowledgeable) and important market segment. These consumers are increasingly using new methods, including (your technology), to access the Internet. The convergence of the Internet and (your technology) presents new opportunities for (favorite industry). Using our (systems, service, platform), companies in (favorite industry) can differentiate their services to reduce expenses, retain clients, strengthen their existing customer relationships and attract new customers.

"Our (technology, services) lets clients extend their offerings on a personalized, secure basis, across a wide range of Internet-enabled wireless and consumer electronic devices. Our (name of flagship service or product, preferably ALL CAPS) is currently (used, being tested) by at least one major (favorite industry) company.

"To differentiate us from our competitors, which include (biggest, most attention-grabbing names you can think of, to create a link in stock buyers' minds with your company, e.g. "Company X will be the next Microsoft"), our strategy is to:

"-- (ESTABLISH, EXTEND) market leadership through continued (research and development, dedication to Our Philosophy).

"-- FOCUS on (leading companies, small businesses) in our target market.

"-- ACCELERATE use and distribution of our products and services.

"-- EXPAND and continue to develop new products and services.

"-- PURSUE acquisitions or mergers to gain (scale, access to new technology).

"-- (EXTEND, ADAPT) our products and services to new markets and industries.

"-- GROW our international business.

"Our solution benefits our customers and the companies with which we have strategic relationships by enabling the delivery of their services and products. "We believe that the continued adoption of (wireless, broadband, business-to-business commerce) as well as our strategic focus on (your technology) and Internet services present us with significant growth opportunities. We will continue our efforts to identify and respond to customer needs as (wireless, broadband, business-to-business commerce) become more sophisticated, reach a broader customer base and become an increasingly important on a global basis."

And that's just the opening of our prospectus, which -- trust us -- has worked for almost all popular IPOs.

We can also help you with presentations of financial data (e.g., bury it deep inside the filing), executive compensation and loans (bury even deeper), and corporate bylaws (stick them at the end, no one reads those anyway). Think of us as your one-stop solution for S-1 and 424 filings.

Also, keep us in mind for your company's investment portfolio. We have an IPO coming up...

Other issues:

  • The New York Times Co.
  • (NYSE: NYT) Shares of the Great Gray Lady are down today with the rest of the market, despite newly announced plans to issue a tracking stock. The move was inevitable, but also at least a year too late from the stock market's perspective. As noted above, the novelty of Web content has worn off; nytimes.com, though certainly an outstanding website, looks like just another money-losing Internet operation from investors' point of view.

  • Qiao Xing Universal Telephone
  • (Nasdaq: XING), Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) After a month-long downturn, Qualcomm may have been due for today's recovery. The stock got a boost today from news that it's close to a deal with China's second largest telephone service company, China United Telecommunications.

    But I suspect another catalyst came in the form of Qiao Xing's announcement of tax exemptions for the next six years in China.

    Income taxes in the first six months of last year took $1.13 million -- 12 cents per share or about 27 percent of pre-tax income -- from the bottom line of Qiao Xing, the second largest Chinese phone maker. Investors see Qiao Xing, which is trying to get CDMA licensing, as good way to play the expansion of wireless technology in China. Presumably anything that's good for Qiao Xing is good for CDMA patent czar Qualcomm. Conversely, Qualcomm's potential deal with China United may have pushed Qiao Xing rising shares even higher than they would have gone on the tax deal alone. 22GO>