Walmart's Jet will soon hawk Nike gear as it fights to stand out

The online retailer is trying to appeal to urban customers.

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Nike is teaming up with Jet.

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Jet will start selling Nike products in October as part of an effort to draw in more young, urban customers.

The new deal coincides with the Walmart-owned online retailer's brand relaunch that debuted Thursday. The Jet website got an overhaul and its grocery service was revamped as the company aims to double down on urban customers, its target audience.

The  Nike  partnership will "bring customers on Jet a set of everything," David Echegoyen, Jet's chief customer officer, told Reuters.

Walmart acquired the Jet, which offers electronics, clothing, groceries and other general merchandise, for $3.3 billion in 2016, but the online store has struggled to stand out against Amazon and Target.

Jet is still finalizing the line-up of Nike products it'll offer, Reuters reported.

Neither Jet nor Nike immediately responded to requests for further comment.

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