Google's redesigned News tab wants you to know who stories are from

The search giant is making the tab cleaner.

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Google's giving its News tab a refreshed layout.

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Google is updating the desktop version of its News tab to make it more obvious which outlet you're reading and make the headline more prominent -- basically making it look a lot like the search giant's main news site. It showed off the refreshed look in a tweet Thursday.

"Over the next couple weeks we're rolling out a redesigned News tab in Search on desktop," it wrote. "The refreshed design makes publisher names more prominent and organizes articles more clearly to help you find the news you need."

Right now, Google's News tab aggregates a bunch of news stories together in a list that's basically designed to fit as many links on the screen at once. The new version will spread them out more and give you a better sense of what you're looking at before you click, along with grouping strands of news on the same topic together. 

The company launched its three-year Google News Initiative in March 2018, kicking off a global partnership with news publications to help highlight the most accurate information possible, especially during breaking-news situations. 

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