Google Maps battles your indecisiveness with group planning feature

Use shortlists and sharing to figure out what to do without a long string of messages.

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The Google Maps application seen displayed on a Sony

Google Maps is helping groups people make decisions.

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Google Maps has added a group planning feature to help you figure out your plans without having a long string of messages about it.

The feature, which was released Wednesday, is designed to help groups of people make plans a little more easily. It allows everyone to weigh in on decisions about where to eat, drink or hang out.

You can create a shortcut of places and share it with friends.


To use the feature, long press on a place to add it to a shortlist (a small floating bubble on the side of your screen).

Once the list is create, you can share it with friends -- everyone can continue to tweak the list after it's shared -- and vote on locations in Google Maps.

The group can add, remove and vote on the options.


The group planning feature works on Google Maps for iOS and Android.

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