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Google image searches may soon let you shop

The search giant is testing shoppable ads in sponsored image search results.

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Google wants to make it easier to shop from image search results.

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Ever see something in a Google image search that you had to have straight away? You might be in luck.


Google is working on removing a step by testing shoppable ads in sponsored image search results, it said in a blog post Tuesday.

The ads let retailers highlight several items for sale within the sponsored image (which includes a price tag icon). You see the price, the brand and other info, so you can see if you can actually afford that desk and office chair.

"We're currently testing this on a small percentage of traffic with select retailers, surfacing on broad queries like 'home office ideas,' 'shower tile designs,' and 'abstract art,' " wrote Google Shopping exec Surojit Chatterjee.

The feature will roll out to more categories and retailers in the coming months. It comes nearly a year after Google introduced Shopping Actions, which linked search results to its retail partners.