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Amazon brings Whole Foods delivery to 10 new US cities

The Prime service has come to Las Vegas, New Orleans and Seattle, among others.

Whole Foods purchased by Amazon
Whole Foods delivery has expanded to 10 more US cities.

Amazon's grocery deliveries just expanded to 10 more US cities.

Its Whole Foods delivery service is now available in Charlotte, North Carolina; Las Vegas; Memphis, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans; Oklahoma City; Phoenix; Raleigh, North Carolina; Seattle and Tucson, Arizona.

The Wednesday announcement brings the service to a total of 38 cities.

Amazon's grocery delivery is also expanding to more neighborhoods in New York -- where it came to lower Manhattan and Brooklyn in July -- Los Angeles and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

"It's just another way we're making it even easier for more customers to enjoy Whole Foods Market's healthy and organic food," said Christina Minardi, Whole Foods Market's executive vice president of operations at Whole Foods Market.

Amazon and its produce partner, which it acquired for $13.7 billion in 2017, offer two-hour delivery service from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for Prime members. Amazon charges its Prime members $119 ($59 for students) a year for two-day free shipping and other benefits.

In August, the online retail giant started offering grocery pickup through Prime Now at two Whole Foods stores in Sacramento and Virginia Beach.

Prime Now offers fresh produce, meat, seafood, staples, select alcohol and locally sourced products from Whole Foods Market.

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