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Two new Nook Colors coming this year?

The Digital Reader blog is reporting that it has information strongly suggesting that Barnes & Noble will introduce two new Nook Colors this year. However, it may be just one new Nook Color after all.

Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch announcing the Nook Color last year. Is another launch imminent? Sarah Tew/CNET

Right on top of word that Amazon will be unveiling a new Kindle or a new Android tablet on September 28, The Digital Reader blog says it got its hands on a PowerPoint slide that indicates that Barnes & Noble will be releasing two new tablets this year.

Rumors have been percolating for a while that the Nook Color would be upgraded around the one-year anniversary of its release (October 26, 2010). But this latest rumor has Barnes & Noble releasing that $249 product, dubbed the Encore, as well as a second $349 model, the Acclaim.

However, Encore was the code name for the original Nook Color, which suggests that Barnes & Noble may leave that product on the market as its entry-level Nook Color while coming out with a higher-end, souped-up Nook Color (code name Acclaim) for $349.

We have a feeling we'll know pretty soon. With Amazon set to make its announcement next week, it shouldn't be long before we hear from Barnes & Noble.

Editors' note: This post was updated with new information regarding the code name for the original Nook that cast doubt on the rumor that two Nook Colors would be arriving this year.