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Take the LG G Watch for a spin on its new teaser website

An interactive 360-degree panorama lets you look at the LG G Watch from all angles on an official new promo page for the Android Wear device.

The LG G Watch comes in black, or white and gold. LG

LG wants you to take its new G Watch for a spin. You can get a good look at the forthcoming wearable gadget with a spinny 360-degree panorama image that you control, on a new promotional webpage made by LG.

LG is slowly teasing the smartwatch, last month revealing on Twitter a first picture of the forthcoming wrist-worn device. The new official site shows off the G Watch's colour options and highlights key features, including voice recognition and the fact the screen is always on.

The G Watch is on course to be the first device powered by Google's Android Wear software, which lets you control wearable gadgets by simply saying "OK Google", and asking for help with your chosen task. The screen won't go to sleep and will always display the time -- a watch that always tells you the time, why did no-one think of that before?

There are no specs yet for the G Watch, but we do get to see what it looks like. It comes in "stealth black" for special-ops ninja-type missions, or with a white strap and "champagne gold" body for dolling yourself up all fancy-like. It's water- and dust-resistant too, so it should be able to go wherever you go.

The white and champagne gold LG G Watch. LG

Exactly how much of the screen stays on and how that will affect the battery remains to be seen. Other smartwatches such as Samsung's Gear watches put the screen to sleep until you raise your wrist to look at them.

The LG G Watch in ninja-style stealth black. LG

The Korean company says the G Watch is, "Coming soon!"