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Poll: What's the best news out of Monday's Apple Watch event?

Apple came out blazing with news ranging from revamped MacBooks to streaming "Game of Thrones" on Apple TV. And, oh yeah, there's the Apple Watch. Tell us what caught your eye.

Though Apple's March 9 event was pretty much universally referred to as the "Apple Watch event," the company was busy with much more than wrist-worn gadgets. Besides a heap of details on the new wearable, we also got an HBO streaming announcement and a completely refreshed MacBook.

HBO CEO Richard Plepler showed up to rub shoulders with Apple CEO Tim Cook and unleash a new "Game of Thrones" trailer on the world. All the dragon wings and swords were there to promote a new partnership that will deliver the cable company's HBO Now streaming service exclusively through Apple devices, with an emphasis on the Apple TV box.

In laptop news, the 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display weighs in at just 2 pounds and sports a new trackpad and keyboard along with a USB-C port and no fan whatsoever. It's a pretty major makeover that comes with a $1,299 starting price tag.

Apple sprinkled a series of other announcements throughout the event, including the expansion of CarPlay to over 40 new car models this year. Apple Pay is now accepted in over 700,000 locations. The event also marked the debut of ResearchKit, software designed to help medical professionals build apps.

Despite the barrage of news and updates, the Apple Watch was the star of the show. Demonstrations gave fans a look at how the wearable can be used to answer phone calls, pay with Apple Pay and get reminders to stand up and move around during the workday.

There's a lot of new Apple tech to dig through, but chances are one product or another caught your eye. Or perhaps you just yawned at the whole lot of them. What do you think is the best news to come out of Monday's Apple event? Vote in our poll and chat it out in the comments.