How to keep the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive cord out of your way

Save yourself a VR injury and learn how to deal with the cord on your VR headset.

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Watch this: 3 ways to wrangle your VR headset's cord

VR headsets are a mind-blowing way to escape into a new world. But the cord that connects the headset to your computer and keeps you tethered is gentle reminder you've never really left.

At best, it's annoying when it gets in your way and at worst, it's actually dangerous if you trip over it when you can't see it. The main danger of VR is that you cannot see anything else while wearing it and it's very tempting to move, turn and spin while wearing a headset, which makes you prone to get tangled in the cord.

Use these tips to keep out of your way so you can play safely.

Use the built-in clip

Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have cord management systems to keep the cords away from your face. On the Rift, make sure the cord is secured into the clip on the headset. On the Vive, slip the cords into the straps on the top and back straps.

Get it off the floor

The best way to not trip over the cord is to get it off the floor. Feed the cord into a carabiner clip and clip it to your belt loop. It works best if you clip it to the back of your pants and pull a bit of slack, so it stays out of the way of your hands and arms.

If your pants are lacking belt loops, clip the cord to your waistband with a binder clip instead. The key with either method is to keep the cord close to your body. That way, you won't get tangled in it when you spin around, it won't interfere with your hands or arms and it will stay off the floor so you can't trip.

Secure it to your desk

If you'd rather not attach the cord to yourself, work from the other end. Use a cable holder or extra-large binder clip on your desk to keep the cord off the floor.

Safety always

No matter how you handle the cord, just be mindful of it. It's easy to trip over when you're wearing a Rift or a Vive and you don't want to have to explain that you broke your arm tripping over a VR cord.