Google and the NFL team up to make VR films

The miniseries will focus on what game day in the NFL looks like, and the first episode will debut on Thanksgiving.

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Game day.

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Are you ready for some football in VR? Google and the NFL are.

The two companies are teaming up to produce a nine part miniseries that will give fans an immersive view into what game day in the NFL is like. The episodes, shot using Google's 360-degree camera and capture system, Jump, will focus on how players, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and fans prepare for game day.

Though the virtual-reality project is still in production, the first episode will be available on the NFL channel on YouTube on Thanksgiving Day. Episodes will also be available later this year through the NFL VR app designed for Google Daydream, Google's own VR headset.

The first episode features the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line, and some of the future episodes will focus on the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, football culture in Green Bay, and the San Diego Chargers organization. While that all sounds cool and interesting, I'm really, really hoping there's an episode about the Raider Nation Black Hole. I mean, this, in VR? Where do I subscribe?