MotoMaker customization coming to the Moto 360 in March

Motorola will allow customers to personalize their watches with different colors, band options and watch faces.

Dan Graziano Associate Editor / How To
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Dan Graziano
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Sarah Tew/CNET

A Motorola executive hinted to CNET at the International CES trade show last month that the Moto 360 may soon be offered through the company's MotoMaker website. Motorola has been expanding the MotoMaker service to more countries over the past year; however the customization options have thus far been limited to the company's Android smartphones. As first reported by Wired, a Motorola spokesperson on Thursday confirmed to CNET that the Moto 360 smartwatch will indeed be offered through the customization website this March.

Customization options won't be as extensive as those on smartphones, which allows users to pick from a variety of color options and finishes, along with choosing the storage size and adding a custom engraving. The company did hint, however, that more options are on the way, adding that this is "just the beginning."

At this time, customers will be able to choose from three different watch finishes -- black, silver and champagne gold -- and from eight different band styles. Unlike the Moto X , which can be customized to include a personalized greeting, the Moto 360's software customization is limited to choosing a default watch face that will be present the first time the watch is powered on.

Motorola's move to allow personalization could help distinguish the Moto 360 in an increasingly crowded market. The company's customization plans were revealed shortly before Apple announced a special event planned for March 9. Apple is expected to announce additional details and release information for its first smartwatch.

The Moto 360 will be available through MotoMaker in the US, UK, France, Germany and Mexico. Motorola did not announce a specific date.