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Motiv Ring's new security features take the wearable beyond fitness tracking

The simple fitness tracker gets new life as a security key.

That's not just a ring, it's also a fitness tracker and security device.
Sarah Tew/CNET

You may care enough about your physical health to buy a fitness tracker, but do you also care about your digital health?

With a new update, the Motiv Ring aims to take care of both. On Tuesday, Motiv said it has added new security features to the Motiv Ring wearable fitness tracker.

The Motiv Ring now does two-factor authentication (2FA), which acts as an extra layer of security when logging in to your online accounts.

Pair the ring to your phone for fitness tracking.

Sarah Tew/CNET

You may already use two-factor authentication with SMS verification or services like Google Authenticator. There are also physical security keys -- like the YubiKey and Titan security key -- that do 2FA and require you to have the keys on you when you log in. The Motiv Ring now works like that, using the device that you already have on your finger (and a simple gesture) to make sure that you're really you when logging in.

You can use the Motiv Ring as a second form of authentication for a handful of online services, like Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox and Slack.

Motiv is also working on bringing password-free logins to the Motiv Ring, so you can use the ring to bypass passwords altogether.

The Motiv Ring will add multiple forms of biometric identification in the near future for extra security. Motiv says it'll be able to use fingerprint sensing or facial recognition, which is common on modern smartphones. The Motiv Ring also has a new WalkID feature (currently in beta), which uses the Motiv Ring's fitness tracking abilities to identify you based off of the way you walk (your gait).

These security features come in addition to its fitness tracking, which measures steps, sleep and heart rate. Not bad for a device that fits on your finger.

The new security features are available to current Motiv Ring owners via software update, or you can buy the new version of the Motiv Ring on the MyMotiv website and through select retailers.

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