Misfit and Speedo are trying to build a better swim tracker

The Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition, with added Speedo algorithms that count your laps, arrives September 1.

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Wearable tech and swimming don't usually team up that frequently. The Misfit Shine is already one of a handful of fitness trackers that can be used while swimming. But Misfit is partnering with Speedo for the Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition, a version that's had some firmware tweaking.

The $80/£60 Swimmer's Edition looks exactly like the Misfit Shine but costs $10 more (an Australian price hasn't been announced, but £60 converts to around AU$130). What you get is an extra band -- white and black come in the box -- plus a magnetic clip, an Action Clip for swimming and new Speedo-developed firmware that counts laps.

This version of Shine is trying to be a better swim tracker. It was tested in Speedo's Aqualab, a research facility where, according to Misfit's press release, the Shine was specifically honed with new algorithms. This version of the Shine, just like previous Shines, is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet), has LED lights on the top to show goal progress, and has a battery that lasts up to six months.


No, the normal Misfit Shine doesn't have this new software, although Misfit may consider an update to non-Speedo Shines in the future. The Speedo Shine will be available September 1 at Apple Stores, and online at Misfit and Speedo.com. We have an early unit here, but haven't swim-tested it yet; stay tuned for a future review.