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Martian Guess Connect and its other new designs don't look like smartwatches at all

Looking for a regular watch with benefits? The vibrating, message-notifying Martian lineup now includes a lot of new styles. We peeked at a few.

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Regular watches getting smarter seems to be a mini-trend at this year's CES: first the Withings Activité Pop , and now Martian's updated lineup of watches. The Martian Notifier launched last year, and now there's four new watches plus the special Guess Connect, a Guess-designed variant on Martian's technology.

Some are glitzy, others pretty elegant; all of them incorporate voice command like the original Martian Passport. And none of them look like smartwatches.

The Guess Connect, powered by Martian. Scott Stein/CNET

The Guess Connect looks like most high-end, but there are also four other designs: the Martian Aviator, Martian Commander, Martian Electra and Martian Monarch.

Scott Stein/CNET

They all basically work the same: charging via USB, several days of battery life, a small OLED banner display on the bottom for messages. Vibrations can be customized in a ton of ways for various different types of phone notifications. A built-in microphone can work with voice commands, both on Google Voice and Siri.

Martian's latest watches will be available by summer, and work with both iOS and Android.