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Magic Leap reveals its new augmented-reality smart glasses

The secretive startup has officially launched its hardware, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, saying it will ship in 2018.

The Creator Edition includes a controller and a battery pack you wear on your belt.
Magic Leap

Magic Leap's much-hyped and long-awaited augmented-reality platform just got a little more real with the official introduction of its Magic Leap One Creator Edition. It includes a set of Lightwear smart glasses, a belt-worn Lightpack battery pack and a controller, simply called Control.

The company said it's due to ship in 2018, but gave no pricing information.

The Creator Edition looks geared toward developers. With its upcoming Creator Portal, the company has announced, "We're getting ready to open access to our SDK along with all of the tools, documentation, learning resources and support you'll need to begin your journey."

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It's still unclear exactly what that journey will be, but check out our earlier commentary on this fabled Florida startup, which has raised nearly $2 billion and is currently valued at close to $6 billion.