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Jawbone redesigns Up2, adds automatic sleep tracking to all current models

The first significant update to the Up platform adds automatic sleep tracking to all current models, more smart coaching and passive heart rate tracking to the Up3 and Up4.

Jawbone has redesigned the Up2 to make it thinner and keep it from falling off. Jawbone

Almost all of the activity trackers available today can track your sleep, and many of them are capable of doing it automatically. We were surprised and frustrated with the lack of automatic sleep tracking in the Jawbone Up2, Up3 and Up4, but that's now a thing of the past.

Jawbone on Tuesday announced the first significant update to the Up platform, adding automatic sleep tracking to the Up2, Up3 and Up4, and passive heart rate tracking to the Up3 and Up4.

The company also unveiled a slight redesign for the $100 Up2 tracker. The new design, which features two thin straps and a more secure hook clasp, helps give the band a thinner and more fashionable look. The company said that testers have even chosen to wear it upside-down for discreet tracking. A Jawbone spokesperson confirmed to CNET that the company will replace old Up2 models with the newer one for any users that have had problems with the old clasp.

Editors' note (September 9, 2015): A Jawbone spokesperson reached out to CNET to clarify the company's earlier remarks. The company says it will troubleshoot clasp problems with affected customers, and -- if the issue persists -- may opt to replace bands when necessary for products that are under warranty.


The firmware update, which will be available today through the Up mobile app on Android and iOS, will add even more features to the Up3 and Up4. Both trackers are capable of measuring heart rate, but it isn't continuous like on the Fitbit Charge HR. The Up3 and Up4 previously only measured resting heart rate as you slept at night.

The update will add passive heart rate tracking to the Up3 and Up4. Both bands will periodically measure your heart rate throughout the day when you are standing still. Jawbone claims this will provide a "unique insight into how daily influences and choices such as diet, caffeine, stressful meetings, and other stimuli can affect heart rate and overall heart health," although we would have loved to see on-demand tracking, or at the least during workouts.

An update to the Jawbone app will add new Smart Coach insights. Jawbone

One of our favorite things about the Up line of activity tackers is Jawbone's Smart Coach feature. This provides feedback tailored to you based on your activities, patterns and overall health. Jawbone has said that passive heart rate tracking will allow the Smart Coach feature to have a more complete picture of your overall health. It can then provide a more tailored experience to Up3 and Up4 users using their baseline heart rate measurements.


In addition to the software update, Jawbone will also be releasing six new colors for the Up2 and four new ones for the Up3. All of the six colors -- violet, turquoise, black, gray, white, pink -- with the exception of the violet model will feature the new "lightweight thin" straps. For some reason, Jawbone has chosen to keep the so-called "Classic" band with violet model. The redesigned Up2 is available now for $100.

The Up3 is now available for $180 in red, navy blue, white and green.

Last updated Wednesday, September 9, at 6:00 p.m. ET: Additional information from Jawbone regarding replacement bands has been added.