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Intel's Basis Peak fitness watch now streams heart rate to other apps

The fitness-tracking Basis Peak gets new accessories and some deeper connectivity -- with call notifications coming soon.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Basis Peak , a promising and impressively automatic fitness watch with heart rate tracking, is finally getting some of the extra features that were promised at launch, along with new accessories.

Basis, which is owned by Intel, announced Thursday that the Basis Peak now supports Bluetooth GATT, a protocol for third-party apps to share streamed heart rate data. This should allow the Peak, which tracks heart rate continuously 24-7, to act as a wrist-worn heart rate monitor for other popular fitness apps, and use their features to enhance the Basis Peak, too. Strava, RunKeeper and Endomondo will be among the first apps the Basis Peak will work with. Previously, the Peak didn't integrate with any external apps.


The Peak's promised "smartwatch" notifications aren't here yet, but should arrive by mid-December via a firmware upgrade: phone calls, texts and calendar events will appear on the Peak screen. There still isn't any word on on-watch coaching notifications, a feature we'd hoped to see on the Peak.

New SportVent bands in a variety of colors will be available in mid-December as well, in red, blue, black, green and coral. Much like the Basis Peak's included band, the accessories will easily snap on and off with quick-release pins.

The Basis Peak is available in the US, but will also be coming to Canada via Best Buy and Future Shop and the UK via Amazon in mid-December.