Pebble owners can finally send text messages from their watch

After a recent update, Pebble Time users can initiate a conversation from the smartwatch using "Send Text."

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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Earlier this week Pebble released an update to its Pebble Time apps for iOS and Android, as well as new software for the watches. Among other things, the update improved upon the company's Health activity tracking features, better handling of picture messages, and for Android users, it added a new "Send Text" app to the watch.

With the app, Android users no longer have to grab a smartphone to start a conversation or send a text message. Previously, users could only reply to incoming messages (as is still the case for iOS users).

Using Send Text, you can select a contact then opt to dictate or use a canned (predefined) message or send an emoji -- all from your wrist.

To use the new feature, update the Pebble Time app on your Android device from the Play store. After the app is updated, launch it and allow it to update the software on your Pebble Time watch. If the app doesn't prompt you to update your watch, open the Support page by tapping on the three dots in the top-right corner of the Time app. At the bottom of the screen, select Check for Updates.

With everything running the latest and greatest software from Pebble, you should find the new app installed on your watch. It's a green icon, titled Send Text. Launching the app on a Pebble Time watch will display an alphabetical list of your contacts. If you have a lot of contacts, this is actually rather annoying and more work than necessary.

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To fix it, you'll need to set favorite contacts within the Pebble Time app. View the Apps tab and select the settings icon next to the Send Text app. Next, tap on Add a contact. Scroll through or search for a contact, tap on the name, then add.

The next time you launch Send Text on your watch, the contacts added as favorites will be at the top of the list with a heart icon next to their name.

Within Send Text's settings screen, you're also able to customize the predefined messages.