How to set up a Fitbit family account

A family account helps keep your kids' fitness data private.

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With Fitbit now selling a device specifically made for kids — the Fitbit Ace — privacy concerns are only natural. Creating a standard Fitbit account for your child and adding friends opens them up to the broader social aspects of Fitbit's services, as well as random friend requests.

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Enter Fitbit's new Family Account feature, designed specifically to keep your child's account private and secure. The process of setting up the Fitbit Ace and creating a Fitbit family account is easy, once you realize one important aspect: It's all based on your Fitbit account.

Use your child's account/device

When I initially set up my family account, I made the mistake of using my device to create an account for each of my children. I assumed I would create a username and password, which I could then use to log into the Fitbit app on their devices. I was wrong, mainly because I didn't follow the instructions.

Instead, what you need to do is install the Fitbit app on the device your child will use to sync their Fitbit Ace with, then log into your Fitbit account.

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Next, tap on the account card and select Create Family Account. Follow the prompts, then return to the account page and select My Family > tap the "+" icon > Create Child account. Enter your account password and then accept the privacy terms and conditions. Follow the prompts to complete the rest of the process, which includes entering your child's name, creating a username, age and height.

After the account is created, you can pair the Ace to your child's device. At some point during the process, the app will ask you to hand the device to your child for him or her to complete the setup process.

If you didn't follow instructions

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And you create your child's account on your device, don't worry — you can still use that account on your child's device.

On your child's device, install the Fitbit app and sign into your Fitbit account. Then tap on the profile card > My Family followed the name of your child in the list of accounts linked to your family.

On the account's information screen is an option to Switch to Kid View; tap it, and then enter your account password. Easy enough, right?

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