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Google Wallet is said to be landing on Google Glass

By saying “send money” out loud, some people could soon have the ability to wire friends cash with their eyeglasses.

Google Wallet is said to be coming to Google Glass. Sarah Tew/CNET

With a couple of gestures and a voice command, Glass users could soon send money to friends via their wearable device. According to TechCrunch, Google is planning to debut Google Wallet on Google Glass.

Inside sources told the news site that the company is already well into testing the system internally and reportedly has plans to rollout the service to all Glass users shortly.

Google Wallet on Glass is said to look a lot like Wallet on other devices. Allegedly, users will be able to make mobile payments from within the Wallet app by simply saying "send money" and going through a few gestures and swipes.

According to TechCrunch, Google will take a 2.9 percent fee or 30 cents (whichever is higher) for the transactions.

Google has worked to revamp Wallet over the past couple of years. Last May, the company announced that Wallet users could make payments from Gmail and in September, Google completely overhauled its Wallet app. In March, the company introduced a Wallet tool that lets users track their online buys.

As for Glass, the company just starting selling the computer-enabled eyeglasses to the general public last month. In a one-day sale, the company cleaned up shop selling out of all available devices. It's unclear when Google will put Glass up for sale permanently.

CNET contacted Google for comment on bringing Google Wallet to Glass. We'll update the story when we get more information.