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Google Glass adds Foursquare and Tripit to help travelers

Along with OpenTable, the apps aim to help people plan their trips, check in at specific locations, and land a table at a right restaurant.


With the latest app additions to its lineup, Google Glass is striving to become more of a travel companion.

As announced in a Google+ blog on Thursday, Google Glass wearers can now tap into Foursquare, Tripit, and OpenTable, apps all designed to take some of the hassle out of planning and navigating your latest excursion.

Tripit helps travelers map out an entire itinerary by organizing all of the airline, hotel, and restaurant bookings and providing directions to each place. Through Foursquare, people can track down and check in at restaurants, stores, and other nearby businesses. And with OpenTable, travelers can find and make reservations at restaurants in the area.

Glass has already been aiming to steer travelers in the right direction. An app called Word Lens translates text seen through the eyes of Google Glass into the wearer's native language. Last year, Google outfitted Glass with the Field Trip app to identify nearby places of interest.

Glass users can add the new Glassware through the MyGlass app. Google is inviting users to submit photos and videos of their summer Glass-wearing excursions on Google+ by using the hashtag #travelthroughglass.

(Via TechCrunch)