Google Fit leaps into the iOS arena

The wearable fitness app goes to play for the other team.

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Jim Hoffman

In a bid to make further inroads into the Apple ecosystem, Google announced Wednesday that its fitness-tracking platform, Google Fit, would be available in Apple's App Store beginning today.

The app, which until now had been the provenance strictly of Google wearables and Android mobile devices, now works with Apple devices running iOS 12 or later. (Google Fit will aggregate data from an Apple Watch, but the app itself will need to run on an iPad or iPhone, not the Watch.)

The fitness app features enticements called "Move Minutes" and "Heart Points"  to encourage you to become more active and keep track of how they're doing.

Various Apple Health applications such as Sleep Cycle, Headspace and Nike Run Club will now sync with Google Fit. That means users can chalk up Move Minutes and Heart Points as they move throughout their days, Google says, ideally becoming more mindful, sleeping better and getting more exercise.

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