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Get a refurbished Fitbit Blaze fitness-band smartwatch for $99.99

Let's try this again. Plus: a top-rated folding keyboard and your chance to win some prizes!

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The Fitbit Blaze counts a heart-rate monitor among its many tricks.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Quick update regarding yesterday's deal on the dashcam/backup camera: At some point the link starting directing to a different seller on Amazon (Carmore), where the discount code didn't work. I've since updated that link so it points directly to Auto-Vox, and the vendor informs me there's still some inventory left. So you can still grab the M6 at that price if you want it!

Today's deal is a rerun, but also hopefully a make-good. Last month, AT&T was selling the Fitbit Blaze for $99.50, but talk about a train wreck: Lots of folks placed orders only to have those orders canceled after the fact, with no good explanation given and zero help from AT&T. Bleh.

If you were still hoping to get a Blaze and don't mind going the refurb route, today's your lucky day: Woot has the refurbished Fitbit Blaze for $99.99, plus $5 for shipping.

Unlike the AT&T deal, which limited you to one size and one color, here you've got choices: small or large; black, blue or plum.

As I noted last time, the Blaze definitely has the look of a smartwatch, but it's infused with all the usual Fitbit goodness: step-tracking, stair-tracking, sleep-tracking, and so forth. Plus heart-rate monitoring to boot.

It has a raise-to-wake color touchscreen, swappable band, water-resistant design and five-day battery -- though it's probably closer to four in real-world usage.

I still have no first-hand experience with the Blaze, so I'm going to turn you over to CNET's review. Scott Stein summed it up thusly: "Would it be my ideal combination watch and fitness tracker of choice? Well, it comes really really close." 

Do you already own one? If so, please hit the comments and share your thoughts on it, especially when it comes to notifications. Because I have to admit I don't love the octagonal design, which looks a little original-series Star Trek to me. Actually, as I think of it, the design hews closer to the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica," what the corners being cut off...


Bonus deal: How often have you wished for a physical keyboard you could use with your phone or tablet? If your answer was "sometimes," I hear you: I don't want something as omnipresent as a keyboard case, but I do occasionally want a set of keys for banging out a lengthy email or taking some notes at an impromptu meeting.

The solution: a portable, folding keyboard, one that's easy to keep stowed in a pocket, purse or bag. Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the iClever BK03 folding Bluetooth keyboard for $22.79 shipped when you apply promo code 8I4VCPIP at checkout. (Tested and verified at 5 a.m. PT.)

It's compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, and it automatically goes into standby mode when folded. User reviews: overwhelmingly positive. The only thing missing is any kind of stand to prop up your phone or tablet -- but regular Cheapskate readers know my preferred solution for that.

Giveaway! Ending today, CNET's back-to-school giveaway has a sweet prize bundle from mobile-products maker Ventev. You don't have to be a student to enter, but you do need to get your entry in before the clock strikes midnight!