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Get a Pebble Time smartwatch for $90

From the Cheapskate: Amazingly, these are new, not refurbished. Unfortunately, they won't last long at this price.

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I've got good news and bad news, cheeps!

The good news: Today only, and while supplies last, Meh.com has the Pebble Time smartwatch for $90, plus $5 for shipping.


The bad news: They won't last. In fact, if you're a late riser, I'm afraid these may be gone by the time you get there.

Maybe not. It's just my semi-educated guess. And even if these do sell out as quickly as I suspect, we'll almost certainly see more deals in the future. As you may recall, the original Pebble repeatedly popped up in the $50-$70 range late last year.

Let me be surprisingly blunt: This isn't the world's greatest smartwatch. As I've mentioned in the past, I've had ongoing problems keeping Pebbles paired with my iPhones, and the Time was no different. From what I've heard from readers, this isn't an issue on the Android side. (Android users can also do more with the Time, like dictate replies to text messages.)

Meanwhile, I don't especially love the dorky look of the Time, which has an almost annoyingly deep bezel surrounding its washed-out color screen.

At this point you're probably wondering, "Uh, Rick, why are you sharing this product if you think it's so stinky-poo?"

Simple: Pebbles are great at notifications (the single best feature of any smartwatch) and great at running nearly a full week on a charge. What's more, the Time originally sold for $199.99 and now lists for $149.99. At $90, it's an unequivocal bargain.

And that's precisely why these are going to sell out. But fear not, cheeps! I will always be on the lookout for more.

In the meantime, check CNET's Pebble Time review for all the salient details. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Speaking of repeat deals, one of my favorites is back at Woot: the refurbished AOC E1659FWU 16-inch USB monitor for $74.99, plus $5 for shipping. This is the newer, USB 3.0 version of the very similar product I shared a couple months ago. Just plug it into your computer and presto: a second monitor, one that can run in landscape or portrait (!) orientation. Love, love this product.