Does the Apple Watch adapt for lefties? Mostly

Apple showed off its new Watch with a presentation full of right-handed watch wearers, but lefties aren't being left out in the cold. It will work on the other wrist, with a slight compromise.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Apple Watch
Here, a right-handed person demonstrates the Apple Watch. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I'm a right-handed person, but I've worn my watch like a lefty all my life. That means I naturally put a watch on my right wrist. I'm not planning to wait in line for an Apple Watch , but I'm still curious about how it will accommodate people who buck the right-handed trend of wearing a watch on the left arm.

Left-handed Apple fans may have felt a little left out during the extensive Apple Watch presentation at the announcement event Tuesday. It featured endless shots of right-handed people easily adjusting their watches and accessing the controls that sit on the right side of the device. It left an obvious question hanging: will Apple Watch work for lefties?

The answer is, "Yes, but with one tiny trade-off." For starters, the watch display can be oriented to work on either wrist. The watch bands can be changed to accommodate either wrist, as well. The "Digital Crown" on the right side of the watch handles a lot of important control functions. The compromise comes in the position of the rotating crown dial. If you turn the watch around, it will sit toward the bottom. Still, that's better than having to crank your hand around to operate it.

One of the drawbacks of wearing regular wristwatches for me has always been accessing the controls that are so thoughtfully arranged for righties. My solution over the years has just been to take the watch off and fiddle with it that way. At least as we move even further into the digital, software-controlled world of smartwatches, we are getting some better options for managing the controls, no matter what wrist you wear your watch on.

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