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It's a period of change for the Apple Watch line right now. The new Apple Watch Series 7 model is slowly shipping to users around the world, while the Series 6 was officially discontinued to make way for it. But if you're looking for bargains, the best one we're currently seeing is at Amazon, where at least one version of the midrange Apple Watch SE is $30 off. But if you'd like to see the first real Series 7 discount, Amazon has the green model for $10 off. All of them, of course, are designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone to offer you many potential uses, from notifications of messages and better access to your music to tools that can help you get fit and maintain a healthier lifestyle

Note that the Series 3 watch is also on sale right now, but it's so old at this point that it's tough to recommend. 

We update this story as prices change and deals emerge or expire, so be sure to check back for the best prices.

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You don't often see discounts on anything from Apple within the first couple weeks of it being launched, but that's exactly what is happening here. Amazon has the Apple Watch Series 7, which our own Lisa Eadicicco called a refined version of the experience we already love in her review, for $10 cheaper than you can get it at Apple. Just keep an eye on that ship date, because you will not be getting this watch on Next Day delivery.

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The Watch SE is the step-down model in Apple's 2020 smartwatch line. It's similar to the 2019 Series 5, but without the always-on screen and ECG. The Watch SE starts at $279 and boasts a more powerful processor and a Retina display that's 30% larger than the one on the much older Series 3. Right now, the 40mm silver version is $30 off at Amazon.

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The Series 6 was just officially discontinued by Apple to make way for the newer Series 7. But here's the thing: This one is still a great smartwatch and it's still available at a nice discount from official Apple retailers like Walmart and Amazon as they clear out existing inventory. In addition to an always-on display and ECG, the Series 6 monitors blood oxygen levels (though you shouldn't expect medical-grade results there). Read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

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The larger Apple Watch Series 6 is $50 off at Walmart in black, blue and Product Red. 

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You can save $10 at Amazon on the larger 44mm Watch SE model in pink, which carries a $309 list price.


The Series 7 features a larger display with thinner bezels, the promise of better durability and faster charging (but not better battery life than the Series 6). There are also new color choices: blue, green, midnight (black), starlight (a gold-silver blend) and Product Red. Pricing for the Series 7 starts at $399.