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AT&T bolsters its wearables cred with six new devices

The company is claiming it has the largest selection of wearables of any carrier, with more than 30 devices offered.

The Withings Activité Pop, coming to AT&T. Sarah Tew / CNET

AT&T is diving deeper into wearable devices, adding six more wearables to its in-store and online selection, including three models that will be coming to the carrier first.

The carrier said Wednesday it will start selling the Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet, Healbe GoBe, Mio Fuse, Misfit Flash, Withings Activité and the Withings Activité Pop, beginning June 26.

All four of the US' major wireless carriers sell wearable devices, though AT&T is trying to stake a big claim with wearables, saying Wednesday it has "the largest portfolio of wearables of any other carrier." With the addition of the six wearables, the company says it will now have more than 30 wearables to offer customers. If AT&T can connect itself more to wearables, it could capture a bigger slice of the rapidly growing market and expand its offerings beyond smartphones. AT&T is already making a push to make itself a bigger name in the so-called Internet of Things, as it hopes to sell more Internet-connected devices related to cars, healthcare and security.

Still, AT&T and the other carriers aren't yet selling the Apple Watch, one of the most important wearables to hit the market. That product, expected to dominate the wearables market this year, for now is being sold mostly through Apple and select boutiques.

Here's a list of the wearables AT&T will start selling. The company said it will be the first carrier to sell the Case-Mate, Helbe and Mio Fuse devices:

  • Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet: A device meant to look like a piece of jewelry that provides notifications. The bracelet will be available through and some company-owned retail stores for $120.
  • Healbe GoBe : This wearable tracks caloric intake and calories burned. The Healbe GoBe will be available for $300 at AT&T's Michigan Avenue store and online.
  • Mio Fuse: A fitness-focused heart-rate tracker. It will be available for $150 in select AT&T retail stores and online.
  • Misfit Flash : A $50 fitness wearable, available in all AT&T retail stores and online.
  • Withings Activité and Activité Pop : A pair of activity trackers, which will be available at all AT&T stores and online. Both will sell for $150.