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Apple to sign Kobe Bryant as spokesman?

The aging Lakers star is spotted visiting Apple's Cupertino campus, where he reportedly met with design chief Jony Ive.

An Apple man? Really? TeamKobe/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When a covert lens meets fame, rumors attempt a slam dunk. That's what happened this week when a man with a remarkable resemblance to Los Angeles Lakers star player Kobe Bryant was secretly photographed on a visit to Apple's Cupertino campus.

As 9to5Mac reported, Bryant was not only seen in the heart of Apple territory on Thursday, he also apparently met with the company's design doyen, Jony Ive, and his team.

Was this merely a courtesy call? Ive being courteous enough to spend five minutes with Bryant, that is. Or was this something more?

Might Bryant be courted by Apple to endorse its supposed steps into wearable tech? He already has a contract with watchmaker Hublot. He's also one of Nike's men, so might this have something to do with all that fitness band mullarkey that everyone is getting excited about.

Perhaps Bryant's ego, enjoying a very healthy nature, might drive him toward Apple because LeBron James is a very visible presence for Samsung. However, does Apple and Bryant really make sense?

His career is sliding toward its sunset. Injuries, aging, and a frightful team have come together to make his presence superfluous to the NBA playoffs.

If Apple were to hire a spokesman from the NBA, the Thunder's Kevin Durant, an elegant and understated presence, would surely be a more forward-thinking idea.

Moreover Lenovo recently announced that it had extended its relationship with the Lakers star. In which case it's a wonder that Apple's famously secure tentacles actually allowed Bryant on the campus at all.

Perhaps he really was there just to have lunch.